Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am so sorry for abandoning you all. I haven't had any time to read or write. And I had such great posts brewing about my trip to the nursing home, my various thoughts on my blog, etc.

But, instead what you have been getting is snow (at least up here in New England) because life here has been nuts! Working 12 hour days and weekends. I've been issued the loaner laptop indefinitely. I am hoping that it will all end soon, but with that I am fearful of what will becoming. A topic I'd love to talk about, but can't.

Work has gotten in the way of all my New Year's resolutions - especially going to the gym and starting the new business! But today, cross your fingers, I may actually be able to go to the gym. For some reason I have a lot of anxiety that could be let go of on a treadmill!

Oh some good news (before I get back to work) I got the results for my eyes. (I did make it to the eye doctor.) The left 20:15, and my right 20:20 with the potential to get better since it is still healing! So, my eyes are better than I ever expected. Very thrilled with it all.

Wishing you well, and hoping to have some time soon to catch up with you all.


Wordgirl said...


You could be a PILOT!

I am a long-time contact wearer -- er for like 20 years now...and I've thought of lasik but am a total, total wuss.

Welcome back! We'll be here!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, your eyes sound great! I dread going to the eye doctor and I know I need glasses, but avoid it like the plague. Last time I went was 7 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Great Lasik results! I'm glad you're doing well despite the crazy workload. Hang in there.

loribeth said...

I've been wondering how you've been doing. I totally understand about work -- it's that wonderful time between my company's year end & the annual meeting -- need I say more? Glad the Lasik worked so well for you!

Turtle_Dove said...


It's good to hear more from you. I have been thinking about you ofter hoping life is treating you well. I am glad to hear that the surgery was a success.

My goodness, the work load sounds excessive - don't forget to take time out for you and T.

Keep in touch, hopfully we'll see each other soon.
- L.

Pamela T. said...

GREAT news on your eyes! What is it about January that sends us all running at warp speed?

Gorgeous picture. Quite the winter wonderland...