Wednesday, January 02, 2008


At the start of every year, I look at myself and try to figure out how to be/do better.

Last year was the year I was attempting to do everything I could to have a baby. And looking at myself I realized I desperately needed to learn how to relax.

So, I started going to a therapist and yoga. The therapist helped by giving me a place to vent. But once we stopped with treatments, well there wasn't much for me to say. Thru out our sessions I repeated "I just want to be OK, if the answer is no." Well, the answer was no, I haven't crumbled, so I guess I'm OK. As a result I stopped going. Not a reflection on her. But I needed to move on. Since our only conversation was on treatments and my feelings on those treatments. I just didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Yoga on the other hand was a resolution that I intend to stick to. Out of 52 weeks, I only missed 8. Not bad when you consider I missed classes mostly for being ill. Heck, I even went to classes on my vacation. It is something that completely relaxes me. The breathing calms me so, I have done breathing exercises at the RE, in the car, before I go to bed, basically anytime my brain is going a hundred miles a minute or I am EXTREMELY stressed. It has become a way of life. As an added benefit, I've also strengthened my back and suffer from less back pain.

As a result, I now know that resolutions are not for not. Sometimes, they actually can be a huge benefit. As a result, I'm making a few more for 2008 and I thought I would share them with you:

1. Starting the Calligraphy business.
I've already come up with a name, looked into websites, priced out business cards, and thought of an icon. Also, I've found some classes to brush up as well as increase my talents.
2. Gym.
In hopes of loosing some weight and regaining my bikini body. Hahaha. I've never had one in my opinion, but looking back I know that I did have one. Isn't it funny how prospective changes? So the goal remains the same as late last year, to loose about 10 to 15 pounds. Thanks to the holidays, I've gained back every last bit that I lost. Oh well.
3. Reintroducing the Z@ne diet.
See above for reasoning.
4. Organizing our finances and start to seriously replenish our savings!
Need I say more, after last year - our finances are in serious need of help! But luckily it can be corrected.

Ultimately 2008 is looking like a very busy year! It is also the first year in four that a baby is not a goal or part of any reason to do the above. Amazing what refocusing can do.


Anonymous said...

A calligraphy business? How cool!

I will be looking for my bikini body as well in the new year...

Good Luck with the resolutions!

Samantha said...

Those are great resolutions for a new year. Good luck with the business!

loribeth said...

Our infertility counsellor recommended yoga to me to help counter my anxiety attacks. I took her advice & started attending a weekly class. I love it!!

Best of luck with the resolutions!

Susan said...

Those sound like great resolutions to me - and totally reachable goals! Go you!

Anonymous said...

I found the same with IF counseling: it was more helpful when we were actively doing treatments.

Great resolutions. We're also working on #4 this year. And #2, well, that's always important. : )

The Beauty Junkie said...

Great resolutions, if you need a website just let me know.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could stick to resolutions, I make them every year and every year I end up giving up on them. I hope you are much better/stronger willed than I!

KarenO said...

I'd LOVE to see some of your calligraphy projects - I've dabbled in it, but I'm very out of practice. :)

May 2008 be the best year for you and your loved ones!

Wordgirl said...

Oh I LOVE the new year -- the blank slate and the possiblities to recommit to our selves...really, a regaining of self -- isn't that what it's about -- who are we deep inside, what do we value? What recharges us?

It's sounds wonderful...I'm resolving too!


offsprung said...

I decided to pick a resolution I know will stick.

I've resolved to drink more. Hey, stress kills!

Happy New Year!