Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I may be kicking a gift horse in the mouth (Who made that phrase up?). But, why do you read me?

I have a stat counter and am always baffled as to why people read. When I was deep in the trenches - I could understand. I had something to say. Now, I think I'm boring. My thoughts are so far different. And I am often at a loss at what to post. OK, so I guess I would appreciate some delurking. And honest answers. Maybe I can spice this thing up a bit. My blogging habits have been very poor this year.

On other news....

T has gotten back from Argentina. He had a fabulous time and is trying to convince me to buy a place there. The poor man is dilusional. Love him to pieces, but CRAZY! Where does he think we have extra money?

While he was away, I did the following:

1. All Spring cleaning.
2. Collected 6 trash bags of clothing for donation.
3. Ton of shopping. (I guess some good deeds are rewarded!)
4. Started to shred old paper work. (Yeah I don't think I need receipts from 2002.)
5. Transfered savings accounts to a high yield online bank - becoming addicted to transferring money into savings.

It was a very productive time. But, I am very glad that T is home. I missed my sweet.


JJ said...

You are one of the first blogs I came across, so I feel a kin-ship with you. Plus, I just love your writing!

Glad that T is home--mmm a house in Argentina! Sounds good to me=)

Anonymous said...

I read because you make me feel like I'm not alone out in the world. So thank you, and keep it up.

sharah said...

I'm here to support my unresolved infertility posse. We're in such similar places that I tend to use your experience as a sign post to navigate with.

s.e. said...

I have you on my google reader account. And I would never consider your blog to fall into the boring category. I am glad you can still find support even if you are not deep in the trenches. It is still rough no matter how far in or out you are.

Pamela T. said...

Ditto what Sharah said. I'm there for you because you're there for me! ;-)

Piccinigirl said...

I read because I like you and even when you're not talking about IF, you have a LOT to say. I always feel like I am catching up with a friend when I'm here. Plus you're COOL (giggles)
Nice job on all the jobs! That's impressive work. :)

loribeth said...

Ditto all the above! I have you on my Google Reader, & even if i don't always have time to comment, I'm always reading. ; )