Thursday, April 03, 2008


T has gone on his boy's vacation to Argentina. So what is a girl to do? I went shoe shopping. Actually it was unintentional. I went to P*yless at lunch and struck pay dirt (three pairs). I love cute flats. Perfect for work in my very casual office.

So, a question for you ladies/gents. (Not discriminating - I'll take all the help I can get and from anyone.) I am in desperate need of new jeans. And the ones I swore by (J. Cr*w) are no longer working or that they are just worn (too many washes). But, since the internet has helped me in the past, I thought I'd ask you all. What are your favorite brands for jeans?

Especially if you are 5 feet 9 inches, average weight, with no hips, and plenty of butt (baby got back!). :)

Thank you in advance for your help!


JJ said...

Oooo shoe shopping....

As far as jeans: I dont have a specific brand I stick to. Its sort of like bathings suit shopping for me--I hate it, until I find the perfect fit!

Ive had good luck at Old Navy before. Not sure if you have Belk up near you, but they have good selection too.

Best of luck finding the perfect pair!

Wordgirl said...

Hi there!

I recently had a traumatic jeans-shopping experience...but I am three inches shorter and broader in the hips...HOWEVER I highly recommend Joe's Jeans...even though you have to pay up the wazoo they fit so terrificly and I wore them like everyday for two years until they fell apart so I definitely would recommend their..honey something...I can't remember the exact name of the style but it has the word 'honey' in it and it is exactly for the its referred to in my household :)

Good Luck!

s.e. said...

How I love shoe shopping and hate jeans shopping. I too shop when my husband leaves me alone. Serves them right. But what a good question to throw out here though!
The Limited is my only bet. I also am shorter than you at 5'5" with hips but they are worth trying on if you have one near. They now have three styles for different body types. Good luck!

PCOSMama said...

I'm 5'10 with some extra weight so I've got hips and a butt though they aren't huge. I absolutely loathe jeans shopping. Well, clothes shopping of any kind really! I just had to replace a pair of Lane Bryant jeans this year (which is a thought if you can wear size 14 or up) and I hit the jackpot with one of the first pairs I tried on - Gloria Vanderbilt. Never would have thought to try it except they had my size at Kohls so I went for it. They are comfy and they look great!

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Oooh oooh ooooh! i second wordgirl! I L.O.V.E. my joe's jeans. FABULLUS! yes, pricy-but not as pricy as designer jeans can get. They have a few different styles for different body types-go to the website and read all about them. good luck girl!

Joei said...

I L O V E NY and Co. jeans. but, I do have hips and a budonkadonk butt... They do have sizes in Tall which might work for you!
Good luck!!

Kir said...

I too love shoes, YIPPEE, you buying shoes makes me happy. :)

I concur with NY&Co. I am short, only 5'2 but I always do well there, and they do have TALL sizes, that I am sure will fit you fantastically. Good Luck :)

The Beauty Junkie said...

Girl Old Navy has the best cuts right now. They unleashed 4 new cuts of jeans for the booty girls!

dearjenn said...

I cannot live without my Lucky Jeans. Very pricey but always a comfortable fit. I'm 5'4" but I have no hips either. Good luck in your jeans hunt!