Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first experience with Pilates....

On Monday, I ventured to the gym for my first Pilates class.

I felt accomplished before the teacher started - I introduced myself to three women! Then we started to perform pilates. My stomach muscles were the first to quiver. I thought to myself, oh boy.

About twenty minutes into the class, I realized I was in a bit of trouble.

And by the end, I knew I was in trouble and pain.

It only continued into Tuesday, that night, T openly laughed at me. You know it is bad, when I was grunting in my sleep trying to find a comfortable spot.

By Wednesday, I was still sore, but thought that movement might help. So I went back to the gym. This time I avoided the pilates class and used the bike.

Once I got home I did some yoga stretches specifically for the hips. And today I feel better.

I know why people do pilates, you most definitely will get into shape - if you do it consistently. But, is there a way to do it without the pain?

I guess that is where "no pain, no gain" comes from.


BigP's Heather said...

maybe if you do some stretching before the class?

loribeth said...

I took a yogalates class (1/2 yoga, 1/2 Pilates). The more you do it, the less it will hurt, eventually. My mother suggested a bath with Epsom salts afterwards. I'm not much for baths, but I do take a warm shower & pop a few ibuprofen after each class. Hope the aches ease up!