Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random thoughts and some craziness

Craziness is the only word to sum up what has been going on in my life the last few weeks. Here are a few updates.

I’ve literally been angry with my body. Yes, I know exactly how stupid that sounds. I'm angry at my body but not at myself. See, I think that I’ve separated the one into two in order for my psyche to deal with the frustration of trying to conceive. Please note that I’ve never been thrilled with its operating skills when it came to the reproductive system, but the last few months have definitely brought it more into to focus.


After reading about Large Pandas. It turns out that they too only ovulate once a year and have to resort to ART to have a child. Somehow, I feel a camaraderie with the animal. After all, I too have only ovulated once in the last nine months au natural and have to resort to drugs to get myself to ovulate. I wonder if I could get into the endangered species category and have the national community pay for my ART.


I may have found an insurance. However, I need to finalize it and as soon as I do I will share with you all what I’ve learned. Call me crazy, but I just don’t want to jinx it.


Last week, I was swamped at work, trying to find insurance and I have been put thru a ringer with my parents.

They think I am their slave and have given me several tasks to be completed by October for my sister's engagement party. One including booking flights for my Grandparents. Not a big deal in and of its self. More than willing to do it, because yes I would like to see my Grandparents. But, when your mother calls you 27 times in 7 days. Well, I’ve had it. Last three calls, my father YELLED at me over the engagement invitation list. I’m doing the script, I have nothing to do with the list. Last time I checked, I’m 30 years old and beyond the point where he should be yelling at me, especially over a wedding that is not mine!

Don’t they know I have enough stress in my life, that I don’t need them to add to it! Not to mention that stress is not conducive to what I am trying to accomplish.

Yesterday, after the SIXTH phone call and the THIRD call of me getting yelled at, T has decided to change our phone number to a private number. Yes, it does sound extreme. But, I am starting to see his brilliance in this situation. The wedding is a year away and if they are this crazy about the engagement party. Imagine how crazy they will be over the shower and wedding. Now, is the perfect time to change our number. Craziness.


Anonymous said...

T is the bestest husband for you EVER!!!
He rocks. So much. He's cracks me up.
Tell him I said "Well Done!!!" Especially since...I was already given the new number! I'm honored. And I promise to never call you 27 times in 7 days or even 27 times in 27 days and I won't EVER yell at you over the phone - EVER!!!
T is so hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...
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Somewhat Ordinary said...

I watched a show about Panda gestation, birth and infancy the other day and was truly amazed. It is incredible how something that big is so small at birth. They are really captivating animals! If they can do it we can too!

Anonymous said...

Pandas rock! As does your husband, changing the phone number. LOL! Sorry your parents are being so annoying, though!

Anonymous said...

T's a good man!! Hang in there! Looking forward to hearing what you've found in regard to insurance, thank you for your willingness to share your hard work!

Joei said...

I do think you win for having the world's best husband! G.L with the insurance. What the heck with your parents? Just start to cry. Parents are so weird. Too bad we are stuck with them!