Friday, October 27, 2006


If you haven’t realized, I have been in a funk. It started a long time ago, not even sure when and it was solidified with my cousin’s death.

Thank God for my husband. (I do everyday.)

As T says, “I never knew that Portuguese people held Shiva.”

Well, when B died, I didn’t want to leave my Aunt, Uncle, or cousins side. Throw in elderly grandparents, a mother and a sister on a verge of break down. And you get an overly concerned Dianne. So, we spent a lot of time with family for the two weeks after B’s death.

As a result, we saw many people that we don’t usually see. As most of my family have limited knowledge of what we are going thru, the baby topic came up. I always somehow reverted it to the fact, I want a dog. (Not sure, how I did this and wish I was able to do it more often.) My husband would chime in and say we both want a dog. Then I would say, we need to move before that can happen.

A few days later my friend S told me that her neighbor’s house price had significantly come down. Goofing around, I mentioned it to T.

He surprised me by saying, “Why don’t we buy a house?”

At the time, he probably only thought that it was a good idea because it is something we both want.

So, we went and barreled through the thought process. He really didn’t need to convince me too much. Put the baby making aside (which it was at that point) and concentrate on selling the condo ourselves, and then purchasing a house.

A project, a goal, something to work towards.

It makes me happy. (I know talk to me when we still haven’t sold the condo in three months, and I am all bummed that it hasn’t happened.) However, for now, it is making me ecstatic. Why?

It is an actual goal that I can do, put all of my energy into, and possibly (99.9% sure) that I can accomplish. Something with good old fashioned hard work, I can do. (No matter what I do about my infertility, at best my odds are only 50%. And so much of it is out my control.)

This is mostly in my control and no needles are involved. Granted there is the luck factor. Yes, even with selling a house there is luck to take into consideration. But the majority I can control. I can choose which websites to post on, I can choose when to have open houses, I can choose when to lower the price or call in reinforcements, etc.

It is something that has nothing to do with the great beyond. It has to do with human free will. Wow, this is making me so happy. Free will, choice, unrelated to my fertility, completely and totally something we want.

Granted, I did buy the St. Joseph statue to help me sell the house, so maybe I believe in supernatural guidance more than I care to admit. But, even in the prayer card it says “It’ll also help if the home is in good condition, well maintained, and reasonably priced.” (Check and loads of laughter.)

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