Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rose colored glasses

I have no patience for people who wear rose colored glasses.

These are the same people that seem to think that relaxing will help with having a baby.
These are the same people that believe buying (a big purchase item) will cause a baby to be conceived.
These are the same people that are absolutely determined that IVF will work for everyone.

These people are so absolutely positively in their own world. The sky is not blue, the world is not round, there is no gravity, etc.

I have no patience.

My mother is the biggest offender. Maybe it is that your mother should always think that only good will happen in your life. But, frankly, it is not realistic.

Let me give you an example of her glasses.

My cousin was diagnosed with a third brain tumor. The first two weren’t a walk in the park, but the third really was the icing on the cake. My mother firmly believed that he would survive. When I told her I researched the type of tumor he had, and that only about 5% lived after the first year. She told me I was crazy and that he would be fine.

When we got the call on the day he died that he had a massive aneurysm, she wanted to know when he would wake up? I as calmly as possible said “He isn’t. This is the end.” I was the bad daughter.

Rose colored glasses. I think I’ve misplaced mine with my patience.

Really people, face up to the facts of life. Shit happens.


Anonymous said...

I have zero tolerance for rose-colored glasses, too. When I read posts on the Nest saying (in reference to conceiving) "It will happen!", I have to refrain myself from typing "Or maybe it won't."

Somewhat Ordinary said...