Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fitness - Aging

This week, I would call it less successful. Work was crazy. I had to prepare for my mother’s big birthday. And I wanted to spend some time with T. As a result, exercising took a back seat. But, I did manage to still hold up the three workout rule and they were:

Tuesday: Yoga
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Yoga

(I needed the nirvana feeling.)

As promised the Whys - Ageing is my first reason. It is an ugly and scary thought to think what becoming older can mean.

Let me preface this by saying I am not afraid of being older. I think with age comes respect and some comfort of knowing who you are, were you have been, and where you are going. I like to think acceptance with it all also comes with age. So in many ways, I think it can be a blessing – it is much needed time. However, I am afraid of looking and medically feeling older.

Looking older is complete and total vanity. I know that. It is the fear of wrinkles and what they mean. Not necessarily laugh lines. I actually think the right amount of those are attractive. Heck, it shows that you have laughed often. It is the aging with out a purpose. I know it is vanity and a fear of being discriminated against. Beyond using a good moisturizer, eye cream (just started this year), and sunscreen – I’m not really willing to do much else. But, having someone look at me with a thought that I’ve outlasted my usefulness doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies.

The medical complications of getting older terrifies me the most. The cost and the mediocre health insurance that is becoming the norm doesn’t help the situation. When I think that I have PCOS and all the possibilities of getting diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, it doesn’t exactly give me peace of mind. But, these are all diseases that I would rather fight then get.

Then there is the issues of old age like the ability to walk. I intend to make sure that I am fit enough to do so as long as I can. My much adored paternal grandmother had a difficult time doing so from an early age. It had to do with weight, her sciatica (which I’ve inherited), and poor circulation.

Getting old is one reason to attempt to stay fit. Especially when you read articles such as this one about yoga. I hope that it is the fountain of youth.

Ultimately, I am hoping that becoming fit will add to my arsenal.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for being proactive. D.'s parents are not in good shape; their savings and health insurance status are similarly poor; I worry about them all the time. It's a real catch-22: they aren't comfortable exercising (D.'s mom doesn't even walk for health because of knee injuries), so they gain weight, then they aren't comfortable exercising because of both poor health and self-consciousness, and onward.

The benefits of good health and fitness really do pay off -- we just scored an awesomely low life insurance premium!

Piccinigirl said...

how is the Yoga going? I really wish I could center myself enough to do it.
Big props to you for working so hard on yourself. You're an inspiration to me. :)