Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fitness - Being Fit

Yes, you must be thinking, when did this blog become weekly updates on exercise? Well, I promise I have more to come. In the next few days you'll see my thoughts on Elizabeth Gilbert's book - Eat, Pray, Love - and a new recipe! Also, I did finish two other books which I need to update you on, The Gathering by Anne Enright and Dreams of My Father by Barrack Obama. Not to mention everything that is going on at work. Oh what fun!

But, today a fitness report. This week again was less about physical exertion and more about calming my mind. It was a very stressful week and as a result:

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Yoga
Saturday: Yoga

See a theme?

Like I said, today is a continuation of my why. I believe the best way for me to put this is to take a quote from Jen Lancaster, I want to be a "fit bitch." Now, I will say, as previously disclosed, I am not overweight. But, I would not call myself "fit."

And I know that means very different things for different people. So let me attempt to explain, I will always be asmatic, therefore running will involve my inhaler etc. But, the fact that I can run. Well, that is my estimate of being fit. As well as being tone, healthy, and in shape. Yes, that is a high order. But, that is what I want.

The years of infertility treatments have left more scars than I care to mention. The biggest one is an accute awareness of the inadequacies of my body. The extras that I am not proud of, etc. Infertility also made me feel the failure of my body. Therefore coming to peace with it, involves becoming proud of it again. And the only way I can think of becoming proud of it, is to be comfortable in a bikini, at a beach, where other people know me.

Ahh, but that is next week's topic. Vanity.

I promise to make some time to update on life's events. But, I have a feeling that it will take me some time to find the time. I will leave you with this question, does anyone know of any good services for books on tape? More specifically a rental service for audio books - preferrably on CD? Thanks!


Erin said...

Relaxation and stress reduction is key to health, that's for sure.

As far as the books on CD go, what about your local library? Ours has a wide selection of books on CD, and you can put in reservation requests on-line. Makes it really easy to run in and get the one you want if it's waiting for you!

zsmom said...

Hi there! By the way if I do end up in your end of the country I am TOTALLY calling you. I don't know if I have it in me yet though...more on this soon...

I can completely relate to the reflections on fitness though -- I have struggled with a relationship with my body my entire life -- and this latest chapter with infertility has been yet another hurdle to accept and work through -- trying to keep in mind to be gentle with myself, and kind...and really care for myself -- which is what I think yoga does do for me.

I hope you're feeling less stressed this week -- and I'll keep you apprised of what's up with my travels...we both have much in common.



Alacrity said...

It is interesting that so many of us are focusing on this right now...

Glad that the yoga is helping you - and after seeing how good Sting looks (twice!) I think that it yoga definitely works!