Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am sorry that I have been MIA. Life here has been crazy, so let me start from the beginning:

1. Work. I basically have a new job with the same salary and benefits. As of now, I still report to my direct report, however CHANGE is the big word for work. So many changes, that it has my head spinning. To add to the stress, my office is moving. My once manageable commute of an hour and half (total) is turning to three hours (total). Yes, you got that right - it is doubling. Gas prices anyone? Not to mention that the attire will be changing - not necessarily a bad thing, but in the last three and half years I saved so much on dry cleanning. And now that is changing as well.

The good news is that the new company has many possibilities. And I've promised to give a year and see where it takes me. Afterall, I really do love my job. It is just that I see so many changes, that I wonder if my job will be still the same.

2. Refrigerator. Basically, we had a tax free holiday. We decided that it was time to replace our twenty something year old fridge. On the Friday before the weekend we went to S.e.a.r.s and found a lovely fridge. I provided the clerk our new information, from the last time we made an appliance purchase and requested a Saturday/Sunday delivery.

Well, you guessed it. A complete and total FUBAR. The clerk didn't give us a weekend delivery date which I justified that there more than likely wasn't any left. So, I decided to work from home until the fridge was delivered today. Well, last night I realized there was a problem when I didn't have a message. The clerk didn't update our current telephone numbers or have our unit number listed on the receipt. Basically the delivery people don't know where to deliver the fridge. And I have called and provided the information three times thus far. I am thrilled. They already tried to make the delivery once.

Oh and did I mention that muckity mucks are in the office today looking for me.

I've been answering their questions via email. But seriously, I'd like to make a good impression to make sure I still have a job to pay for the fridge.


By the way, I am behind on my fitness report for last week. You guessed it, more Yoga. But I think I only managed the required three days - if that. I should do it everyday considering how much stress I am currently feeling.

And I did try the audio books which I really enjoy. It reminded me why I was a history major - story time! I love it. I am almost done with "Peony in Love" by Lisa See. I'll provide a review along with the others. Maybe this weekend.

I am so excited for the long weekend. An extra day off. I cannot wait.


loribeth said...

Oh ugh... dh & I spend about 2.5 hours a day commuting to & from work (door to door) -- but most of that is on commuter trains, so at least we can sleep (dh) or read (me). Good luck, hope it's not too horribly wearing on you!

And don't you just love these delivery & repair people?? I have spent several days off work, waiting for someone to come "between 9 and 5." (Inevitably, they show up at 4:30, grrrr.) All together now... ohhhmmmm..... ; )

Wordgirl said...

Welcome back! Yoga sounds like just the thing here -- the long commute would, at first, suck -- but when I had to commute I started trying to use the time as the 'me' time -- where I could be alone, think about things (and try not to think about work), listen to music I loved or whatever...

A new fridge -- that's exciting -- I joked with G that I felt like a 1950's housewife when we moved into our house because I loved the appliances...I mean come on, who loves appliances? Turns out? Me.

I hope the new work transition is as smooth as it can be,



Susan said...

How's the new fridge? Glad the books worked out for the car! : )