Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fitness Report - The Why.

Recently, I realized how crazy my blog may seem. Granted I did post about my evolution. Lately, it was more than that it is my deliberate attempt at being happy and reforming my thought on who I want to be. And it is working. I feel more content and slowly am invisioning someone other than what I thought I would be as a 30 something.

Part of that new vision is being fit. Hence, the weekly fitness reports. Oh, before I forget. Lets get that over with - this weeks fitness report:

Sunday: Yoga/Pilates (Stomach)
Monday: Eliptical/Bike/Yoga
Tuesday: Two Miles on the Eliptical (Under 25 Minutes!)/Pilates (Stomach)
Thursday: Yoga
Saturday: Pilates

Not bad.

Back to business.

Ultimately I have three reasons to why I am pursuing fitness, they are:

1. Aging;
2. Fitness; and
3. Vanity.

And they are actually all tied to eachother. But, they are also seperate. So I'll talk more on those topics later. Now, I got to go and be happy.


dmarie said...

I love that you have such variety. Hmmm...inspiring :) Get your happy on!

Wordgirl said...

I'm with you girl!

Moving your body can be a very powerful tonic...and lets face it this journey we've been through -- ravages us...and here we are, reclaiming ourselves...



Anonymous said...

Not bad at all! Good for you.