Friday, October 03, 2008


After parking further from where I have to go, a fifteen minute walk, and two miles on the treadmill, that is all I got.

But, this morning, I felt it. Personally, I think that is a good sign. Even if it took me a while to get out of bed, I did feel like I had a flat tire.

Ironically, my car did. I luckily walked around the car and noticed that my right front tire was nearly flat. Took the car to the mechanic up the street and it turns out that I had a rim leak. Who knew those existed?

Like the tire, I feel better.

So today, I think I will do the same and go to the grocery store. Lets see were that leaves me?


Jendeis said...

You are doing so great!! My sister-in-law worked on a study where they figured out that the first week average was less than 5,000 steps. The 10,000 step goal is so admirable!

Wordgirl said...

Dianne -- you ARE doing great -- I find I just tell myself every day is a new day to make choices -- and it's about gentleness and care and building myself up rather than tearing myself down -- which is so much easier to do.

I think that's awesome. You GO girl.

BTW I'm now reading Michael Pollan because of your recommendation!



Me said...

So how's it been going the last few days?