Thursday, October 02, 2008

My 10,000 Step Project

Yes, it has begun. Today, I am wearing the pedometer and trying to find out what I walk "in an active day". So far, I've parked as far as I can from the office, and gone for a fifteen minute walk at lunch. I plan on going to the gym after work to, and walk on the treadmill.

By the way, 10,000 steps equals approximately 5 miles.

It seems like a lot to me. But, if that is what is needed to feel some progress, I need to do it. You know the old saying, shit or get off the pot. I really feel that is true. If you want to change something you got to do something about it.

So, with that said, the only two options that I can think of to increase my steps are parking further from where I want to get and taking walks daily at lunch. Obviously the gym is an option too, but I am realistic, that is not a daily option for me. And currently, there are no steps in my building or home.

I found this interesting article on the topic of weight loss and 10,000 step theory. Also, it has a good list of options on how to increase your steps.

How would you increase your steps? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Did I tell you I have to be in a bathing suit in 12 weeks?


loribeth said...

Good for you!! I have a pedometer but I haven't worn it in awhile -- must get back into the habit.

Dh & I walk to & from the train station to our office every day (a couple of blocks). I find that if I can get out at lunchtime for a 20-minute walk or take a half-hour walk after dinner, I can usually make 10,000 steps; otherwise, it's harder to do. Good luck!

The Beauty Junkie said...

Your drive is incredible!

BigP's Heather said...

I pace while I am on the phone. I also walk around my laundry room while folding clothes and will walk the extra step each time to hang up an article of clothing as I get to it instead of letting them lay on the freezer and then taking them a couple at a time. Sometimes I will do the dishes one at a time too - so I have to walk the few feet across the kitchen for each pot and pan.

You can also use a water pail instead of the hose so you have to walk back to fill it up.

Ariella said...

I agree with pacing but it only works if there is enough room in the house.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time getting in 10,000 steps since I work from home -- my house isn't quite big enough for pacing -- but dog walking helps. Also, I'm one of those annoying grocery shoppers who leaves her cart at the end of an aisle and walks to get items. (Bonus: Doing so seems to cut down on the grocery bill, because I don't just toss things in the cart as I go along.)

Good luck!