Thursday, October 09, 2008

It is amazing, what a few endorphines can do.

So, after my minor breakdown. I decided to take a lunch break and go to the gym. Heck, no one is here so I don't feel guilty for being in my gym clothing and sweaty.

Actually, 2.5 miles later, I feel really good.

A few people asked me about my progress. Well, I think I have been doing well. So far, after a week and only meeting the 10,000 goal once, I've lost two pounds. Not bad :).

Only eleven weeks before Aruba and Christmas.

I found the best Christmas card. It may trump the baby ones. Santa snorkeling. Exactly what I hope to be doing on that day.


Trinka said...

Wow- you lost two pounds in a week! I wish I could do that.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Not bad at all. Christmas in Aruba -- it sounds heavenly!

Kir said...

Aruba?? I am SOOOOO Jealous, since we are normally on our way there right after Thanksgiving, not this year. SO please enjoy that beautiful island for me, tell it I said Hello and give it a big hug for me.
2 pounds GO FLUTTER!!!

Pamela T. said...

Most excellent!