Saturday, April 21, 2007

Some of my heroes.

In my life, I've been blessed to know three people who were young and dying of a terminal illness. They were my heroes. An inspiration because of not how they died, but because of how they lived.

All of them - Denise, Brian and Bobby - were courageous, intelligent, mature, caring, compassionate, and full of wisdom.

If they were concerned for their own mortality, they never showed it. They were always more concerned for the people left behind. A wisdom that they were lossing their lives, but that it was going to be hard for the ones left behind. Their loved ones. And they always seemed to care more about how we were going to handle it, than how they were handling dying.

It is inspirational. It is an example of how I would like to be. But I know that I am not.

So as someone who has been left behind and who remembers them. I try to continue their memory thru their example. See because two of them tried to keep us busy, to give us a productive way to mourn, by asking to continue their memory in supporting organizations or programs.

(A few weeks before Denise died, she asked to support organ donation. I have. Bobby asked to continue our support of the Brain Tumor Society.)

Ultimately, I feel that by doing what they asked of me; I'm given an opportunity to remember these amazing people and to help others who battle what they battled. Who are more than likely also more concerned for the ones left behind. Because I sincerely hope that their are no more left behind.

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