Monday, August 13, 2007

New mission.

My latest thought is that I want to incur some revenge on this crappy body of mine. So I am going on a diet. I've never done this before. Yes, I've controlled my food intake before. But, I've never purchased materials on a diet, read it, planned to follow it, signed up for information and followed a "plan."

After talking to a friend, I've decided to take her lead and use "The Z*ne." It actually looks very healthy, and somewhat possible to follow. Ironically, I think I will be eating more than I do now. Just differently. So one step at a time.

In addition, to the diet, I'll be walking at lunch two to three times a week. Yoga one to two times a week. And we will see what happens from there. I'd like to start doing more, just not sure what that is at this point.

I just know myself. I've never liked exercise - except for yoga. But, I've also never felt so utterly disgusted with myself. You know there is a problem when your "fat" pants are tight.

So a new mission...maybe it will be a good way to start liking my body again. Hmmm....I'll just be happy fitting into my bridesmaid dress. October is fast approaching.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm starting my new diet and herbal treatments Wednesday. We could compare notes and all if you want.... Maybe there are more ladies out there who would want to join in...

And yes, you do get to a point where the fat pants don't fit anymore and then it just sucks!

BigP's Heather said...

Um, I just kept buying new pants.

We are on a diet over here in our household. We are hitting the gym - the elliptical is the only machine I like. Well, like is too strong a word. I just don't HATE it like I do the other machines.

Good luck!!

Pamela T. said...

For what it's worth my fairly regular walks or similar exercise really help with my state of mind. I'm a big believer in the endorphins that get released with exercise. On particularly tough days exercise has helped diminish the negativity that comes from an infertility induced funk. Cheering you on from here with your new mission!

Anonymous said...

3lbS!!!! Way to go!!

Susan said...

If you want some healthy recipes. I can help you out with that! I have plenty!