Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Skinny

The diet is going well enough. No actual progress since my initial drop. Actually, I've gained a 1 pound back, but I'm chalking that up to the ice cream I had last night. I know myself if I don't allow for some cheat'n I will blow this diet. So we will see, I think in about a month I'll know more if this is working. The good news is that I fit into my jeans yesterday very comfortably. So that is a good sign! And I've done some physical exercise everyday except Sunday. Not bad.

IF, it is currently CD 25. Still no ovulation detected and no sign of AF. So, I broke and called the RE today. Bloodwork tomorrow and probably Friday to figure out where the hell I am with my cycle. Hoping that I get my period soon, so that we can have our last IUI in September. Yes, the money is over for the extra insurance, but that is what credit cards are for. See, not kidding slippery slope people.

Lastly, I'm back to the wedding festivities planning. I need ideas for my sister's bachelorette. Everything I've thought of is way too expensive or not exactly right. Very stressed over it and the clock is seriously TICKING!


Anonymous said...

For my bachelorette party, we went to New Orleans and the girls had a bag that was full of little pieces of paper. On each piece was written some activity that had to be done. Some examples were: Find a guy that would let me write my name in lipstick on his chest, take a picture inside a limo, get a guy to give me his boxers, etc. You get the idea. A picture was taken of each accomplished "act". It was a lot of fun and made the evening very interesting. Oh and they also put a bridal veil on me covered in condoms!! Godd luck!

Anonymous said...

Last month I attended a bachelorette party that was an 80s-themed slumber party. The favors were 80s mix tapes, and we decorated t-shirts, watched cheesy movies, ordered pizza, and had lots of alcohol on hand.

I think the key to a good bachelorette night out is to have a central place, like a hotel room, where people can meet, bring drinks and snacks, leave their cars, and easily return if they don't want to make it a late light. I think you get the best turnout this way (especially among "mommy" types) if you can break up the night in advance and allow for some flexibility: "You can meet us at the hotel at 7 or at the restaurant at 8. We'll have dinner, then come back to the hotel for games, dessert, and more drinks, and then go out again."

BigP's Heather said...

I totally still have to have the foods that I love...but now they have all kinds of diet stuff that actually tastes pretty good.

I found bread that is only 40 calories and low carb and it tastes just like my old fattening bread did. I found great ice cream that is better for me too.

I'm sure you are going to kick ass!

Anonymous said...

How about Joey and Maria's wedding or Midieval Manor?

Anonymous said...

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