Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Good Thoughts

I know, how random is this? But, I've been thinking how depressing my blog sounds and there are several reasons for this depressing tone.

1. Infertility sucks.
2. The blog serves as my pensieve - outlet to get them all out. So that I can go on with business and be a reasonably happy person.
3. Too many thoughts are coursing thru my mind.

But, I don't want people to think that I bummed out all of the time. So, I will be putting in things to be grateful for every so often or more simply list some really good things. I did this several months back and that list I covered Hubby, the family, my kitties (furry children). You know the biggies which I am continously grateful for. So if this list seems "fluffy" sorry. However, they currently make me happy.

1. 25 days until our cruise.
2. Lost five pounds. Trying to continue the weight loss trend.
3. Fitting into my jeans. (For a solid week after the creation of the eight follies this was not possible.)
4. The rain has stopped and we will be having sunshine for several days to come.
5. Knowing AMAZING people both in real life and in cyberland.

All right, more serious posts to come. But today, the sun is shining and can't help but SMILE. And I get to go to yoga today!


Ann said...

I'm smiling with you! Yesterday was a day of feeling sorry for myself, but the sun is shining here too, and it's a good day!

dmarie said...

Great idea! Good for you :)

Hopeful Mother said...

Good for you on looking on the bright side! And losing 5 pounds is awesome!

Nicole said...

Always loved the idea of a pensieve. And, I think for the most part we all treat our blogs like a pensieve. Many of my friends in the blogosphere are my virtual wizarding friends.... I am always amazed at how continuously dorky I am.

Anonymous said...

sometimes its good to look at the good side of life, even when IF is kicking our ass... and way to go on the 5 pounds!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I'm smiling too! It is good to know that you are seeing a little ray of sunshine and I hope this good feeling continues today!

Mama Bear said...

Yay to the 5lbs! And to the great outlook! (Though, you should never feel bad about venting the other feelings...this is the space for it. :-)

Kir said...

you "sound" happy!!!! So glad to hear it.


JJ said...

Woohooo! That is awesome for the 5 lb loss! And I am so glad to read your positive items=) SO glad to hear you are smiling! Hope yoga is great!

M said...

Tagged you over on my blog.

Unknown said...

Those are happy things, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Pensieve...what a perfect description for a blog, particularly an IF blog.

Congrats on fitting into the jeans/losing 5 pounds!

Hope yoga helped continue the good mood.