Friday, May 04, 2007

Take Action! **UPDATED**

From my cyber friend Kristin:

Legislation has just been introduced in the House of Representatives that would mandate health insurance coverage for the treatment of infertility for all Americans. Please use the following link from the RESOLVE website to contact your Representative ASAP and request support for this legislation. It will only take a minute; this is the link, it will automatically generate an email form letter to your Representative, based on your mailing address. Because your email address is also required, you will probably receive an email from RESOLVE thanking you for your support and providing a separate link that you can use to email your Senators as well. Simply click the checked off box (to un-check it) if you do NOT want to receive email updates from RESOLVE.

Please post this on your blog and any boards you post on. I think I will create a separate thread on this board to get the word out.

ETA: If the link doesn't work, just go to and click on "Take Action" on the lefthand side. Then you'll see links for contacting congressmen regarding this legislation.


Also, if you need more information on your Representative of Senator, both the House and Senate websites are linked on my side bar. Please take a few minutes!

If you read in the comments below that Kristin is apologizing for providing this information too early, please ignore! I ask you to still make your opinions known now! I've actually worked in a Senator's local office (both as intern and as an aid). They want to know their constituents' opinions well before ANY bill is introduced. And IF we inundate them with enough requests to get involved - they may actually "officially" support the bill. This extra support may insure the approval of the bill and future approval in the Senate. So, PLEASE do send in your letters.

Also, if you can print them out and send them out via snail mail. This little extra step may actually move them to action. Unfortunatelly, they are still very moved by piles of mail on topics.


Anonymous said...

Mea Culpa, Dianne.

I jumped the gun. The new legislation is being introduced NEXT week (week of May 7th, I think). Please let your readers know that Kristin gave you bad info and you'll update when the new HR info is available!

I'm sorry!!!

TeamWinks said...

Ok, it will be my future homework then. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Dianne.

I've already emailed and I plan to use snail mail once the new bill is introduced. I've also been told that follow-up phone calls will really let our congressmen know how important this is to us.

Thanks for using this platform to spread the word!

Unknown said...

I am on it! Thanks so much, Dianne for mentioning this on your site. This coverage is so very important! My husband works for a huge employer and has a great plan, and infertility not covered. It's unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for providing the link to the Resolve campaign on this legislation.

If only we could remember that there are more women than men and, if all the women would get out there & vote, we would ALWAYS get what we desperately need and want!!!!!!!!!

LJ said...

I'm posting this on my site as well - let me know if you mind the direct rip-off...

Anonymous said...

Hi, from Portugal.
We're trying to build a National Infertility Association. Hope you visit us.
A melhor sorte para ti.

Aurelia said...

And Dianne, if you can add any personal details to your letters or stories, this will get their attention more than form letters.

I didn't know you had done some political work! Hmmm, well then you also know what I do, which is that we have to get the buggers where it hurts. Ask your relatives, your friends, anyone you know to do this as well. Crying never-to-be grandmothers, tear-filled women, literally pull out all the stops.