Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Condo and my new 2WW.

You may be asking why I have been so non-chalant about this cycle? Ok, I am asking. Like I said before, I have no hope that it will work. The cards we were dealt this cycle were just lacking. And I am fine with it.

I think it is a continuation of my "F*ck it" attitude from the cruise and that I am just too busy to think about being in a two week wait. Granted my attitude is really more like, to hell with it. Since on the cruise, I really said F*CK IT and didn't even acknowledge being on a two week wait. I really enjoyed that cruise, it felt like freedom which I guess maybe what life after getting off this roller-a-coaster will feel like.

Back to the condo. Selling the condo is keeping me busy, or at least preoccupied. Since, we put the Condo in the market two days before the IUIs, I have something else to focus on. See, I have things in my control to do - so that perspective buyer can take interest. So, my anal cleaning is paying off at least in that way.

Some of you asked to see pictures, here are a few. I took these when we made the attempt to sell our place on our own, as you can tell these are not of the best quality. Since our digital camera broke about 9 months ago. (Also, explains why I haven't posted about the cruise more, which I do plan, I just want T to do the photos. Since it isn't our camera, I would rather not be responsible for it.) So these aren't the photos which are being used; those are much nicer and with the real estate agent.

So here goes:

The living/dining room.

The kitchen; new stove, dishwasher, and tile floor. (I really like that floor, stormy sky, that is what it reminds me of.)

The bathroom was just redone in 2006 and the only thing original is the tub. (Even the plumbing is new.)

The bedroom is much larger than it appears. Our bed is a king size, it is as big as a buick, and as a result takes up loads of room!

We have another bedroom/office, but I couldn't find a photo. It is also a large room with a fantastic closet.

So far, we get have only gotten positive remarks. Clean, spacious, lots of closet space. We have had five perspective buyers come see it. And a few were concerned that we had been broken into. (See, the screens are bent which is completely my fault. Cleaning the windows, I bent the screens...can we say neurotic? So we need to replace those, not so bad.) No other comments.

It is now the wait and see. Maybe this is my new two week wait. How ironic? That my two week wait has been replaced by another, and somehow I am fine with it.

And another interesting tid bit, like my first TTC 2WW, I have my prayer. Now it is to St. Joseph. I even went out and bought the statue. It is sitting on self right now. Yes, it has become my new 2ww obsession. It would be great if only last 12 to 20 days. In this market, that would be GREAT! Here is hoping :).


Susan said...

fingers crossed for you guys!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Ooooh...good luck! It's a great condo.

And it's so true--cleaning, keeping it neat, getting people interested--that feels within your control. I definitely understand the desire to focus there.

Kir said...

oh yes, in fact I have heard that you have bury a statue of St Joseph in the yard of the house you are trying to sell. Our neighbors did that and they sold in 2 days :)

wishing you lots of good luck not only with condo but with CYCLE too. You are in my thoughts. :)

PCOSMama said...

Thanks for the pics!

I'm pretty sure my sister and bro-in-law buried a statue of St Joseph (or someone) when selling their house too. Or it could have been for some other reason.... I'm just remembering them burying a statue for something!

Good luck, hope it sells quick!