Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Borrowers

I watched it last night. Did you? What did you think?

If you didn't watch and you want to learn a little bit more, this article did a great job in explaining "the experiment."

My thoughts:

Overall, so far so good. The show eases the teens into becoming parents. I found it interesting how one girl fell apart over using the pregnant belly. (I sincerely felt bad, she must have some sever body issues.)

Also, I found it interesting that the actual parents could suprovise and when they decided and how they interacted with the teen parents. Most telling is that one set of parents are educators and one mother was herself a single mom. They probably know something of the value of a show such as this.

Surprisingly was that one teen boy felt like this was the best decision for him and his girlfriend. And that it may make her change her mind in wanting a baby soon.

I must admit that I was intrigued in a morbid "need to see what the accident looks like" way. But, now I am more impressed with the shows creators, the teens, and the parents who are involved with the show.

I'll be calling my friends with teens and telling them about this "experiment" - I sincerely can see the value.

Now, I really want to know your thoughts. Did you watch? If so, what did you think?


Wordgirl said...

shoot I missed it!

I remember wanting to see it -- G laughed out loud at the promo that shows one kid sacked out on the couch at one end and the baby on the other.

I wish we could meet up but its going to be a whirlwind -- but now that I know where you are -- I will be in town in August and perhaps we could have coffee, or tea, or what have you!


Samantha said...

I didn't see the show, but it's good to know they're not deliberately riling up the children or forcing them into bad situations! Sometimes it seems like reality TV is designed to force people to pick a fight. If this is realistic, maybe it will be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch it, but perhaps I will tune in next week.

Anonymous said...

I missed it!

The Beauty Junkie said...

So mad that I missed it. I need to catch up

Kir said...

well I did see it , the first episode and I liked it. The idea for it is Good (the teenagers and older people..not so much) but the baby parts I was interested in.
As a mom, I didn't like that the parents got to watch.
As a parent, you know that there are some days that you do things that if someone was watching you , you simply wouldn't do or you'd break into tears for effect. The whole point of the experiment was that people who had never been parents would see how it feels to be one, and every IF and every new mom hates A**vice from another Fertile or "seasoned mother". Parenthood is trial and error. Simple as that.
Otherwise I liked the show, I missed it this week and said bad words that I didn't TIVO it. All in all I think young people watching it will realize just how hard it is to raise a child.