Sunday, June 08, 2008

Show and Tell

A coffee cup? Yes, a coffee cup.

Almost fourteen years ago, I left home for college. It was a big change for me. I was the first of my family to go away, and only the second to attend college. Many things were against me, including male family members. But, I had determination.

My childhood friend A, my first best friend, gave me a coffee mug of the Little Prince. I adored that mug. It gave me comfort being so far away from home, family and friends. Every time I felt a little sad or overwhelmed, I'd make hot chocolate and use my special mug.

A few months into school, my floor mate was using my mug. When it accidentally broke. I could see the horror in her face which mirrored mine.

That afternoon she gave me the mug that is pictured above. This mug has always been special to me. It represented to me the beginning of that friendship. Even if we have lost touch, I always remember her fondly. It is the mug I always grab for first.

It brings me comfort in the same way as the first one did. Because it came from a friend. Who wanted to make it better. It seems to have some magical element to it.

Even thought my drink of choice now is coffee. It always makes me feel loved.


AwkwardMoments said...

ah what a sweet memory

DC said...

I love the Pooh mug! I collect Eeyore stuff. (It's my hubby's nickname.)

Lauren said...

What a cute story! I wish you had a picture of that Little Prince mug... sounds like something I would like!

JuliaS said...

What a sweet little mug and a sweet memory.

Thanks for sharing!

loribeth said...

I had something very similar happen to me. A high school friend went to England the summer before we went to university, & brought me back a mug with my name on it. I took it to my dorm with me, & I my roommate broke it. It wasn't really anything special, but she felt so bad about it, & bought me another mug (which is still somewhere in a box at my parents' house, lol). Thanks for sharing!

Lee said...

Here via Mel's Show and Tell.

What a lovely story! How nice to have something that brings you comfort, that you use frequently!

Anonymous said...

Popping by from Mel's Show and Tell.

What a great show and tell. I have a special mug that was given to me by my best friend when she and her husband were posted away by the army. I talk to her daily while having my tea in that mug. It really does make it better.

Kir said...

that is a fantastic show and tell.
Love those memories. :)