Monday, June 16, 2008

My Book Club Thoughts

Do you remember that I joined a book club? As a result, I thought I would start doing a monthly post regarding the books I'm reading. So here it goes:

The first novel was Rebecca by Daphne du M*urier, an excellent story with intrigue and suspense. It delves into social status, second marriages, and regrets. I really enjoyed it - despite the fact I was aggravated by not knowing the narrators name! Also, it left me feeling if I would like the nemisis if only I knew her side. Kind of like with Wick*d? (A novel I loved simply for the fact that it reminded me that sometimes - you need to know where someone is coming from to understand his/her actions.)

The second book, The Hum*an Stain by Philip Roth.

The Hum*n Stain is a story full of irony. In the attempt of becoming "a new being" the main characters threw away pieces of themselves. They all had a secret which they believed plagued them in society. As a result, they believed by shedding themselves of these characteristics allowed them to overcome society. In the end, these same characteristics may have been a partial reason for their destruction. In the back drop is the story of Bill and M*nica.

It brought me back to the summer of 1998. My first job out of college in the Senator's office. My primary responsibility, to listen to hundreds of people complain that the President got a bl*w job in the Ov*l Office. Yes, after that job, I jumped everytime a phone rang. Five hundred calls a day explaining to so many that Bill was not the first nor the last president to have an affair in office. Actually, it has been historically established that every president since FDR has had an affair. (Not sure about our current or Reag*n.)

But, I am digressing.

The Novel brought up so many social and ethical questions. Topics such as Veterans, domestic abuse, segregation, etc. At times, it was repulsive to me and yet it always made me think.

Ironically, it left me feeling like everyone should have a Sylvia - after feeling disgusted by Mrs. Danvers.

Has anyone read these novels or scene the movies? I'm actually curious if the movie for the Human Stain was well done. Obviously Reb*cca must be a great movie - it was done by Alfred Hitchc*ck - but thoughts opinions?

The next book is an autobiography by Ben*zir Bhutt*, Daughter of D*stiny.


loribeth said...

We read "Rebecca" in high school & I saw the movie around the same time. I don't remember a lot about it, but I do remember the plot twist at the end, & that it was a pretty good book. Good for you for joining a club!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I loved the Human Stain. I read it when it first came out. I knew which page held the surprise due to a book review, but I didn't know the surprise. I thought it was well done--I read it as part of a long Philip Roth lack of a better term for reading all of his books back to back.

Joei said...

sigh... I'm so into my Chick Lit and haven't read anything with a whole lot of substance in awhile... I'll check out those books, thanks, Dianne!
I've been reading Jennifer Weiner... Ever read her? Its like Chick Lit, but with a lot of substance!
I'm loving your blog... sorry I haven't been commenting lately... I am really seeing YOU again! :) Its nice that you have captured YOU again. You are a wonderful person; smart, funny, empathetic, a great friend!
Hope you are having a good day! :)