Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crazy thoughts of the day.

Last night, I had a crazy dream. I was in high school/college and I didn't have my schedule. It should have been mailed to me, but for whatever reason I didn't have it. And I kept looking down at my cartoon vulture notebook.


It was one of those dreams that you're left thinking about. It was so vivid. The colors were bright and cartoon like. Not sure if that was why it left such an impression.

It was probably brought on by the fact that I'm thinking of going back to school. Yes, grad school. Maybe I think that I'll be thrown to the vultures?

If I go, it won't be until next year. The program I'm interested in requires a language proficiency exam. So, I'm actually taking a Spanish class this fall. Then next Spring, assuming it doesn't collide with Aruba, I'll take a class in the program to try it out, with a another Spanish class.

I like the job I'm in currently. My intent is to do the program part time and it will take me years to complete. But, I'm all right with that. It will compliment my current position. For all these reasons I like the degree and it would allow me to pursue my dream position - Director of International Students.

I know random.

But -- I think -- it would be my dream position. It would allow me to use my immigration knowledge, with college aged students, in academia. All of those things sound intriguing to me.

If I'm honest, some days I want to go back to school and work full time. And other days I think to myself - you're crazy - you really want to do that?

So I think the Spanish class will ease me into the thought process and practice of studying.

The book club is also allowing me to use my brain. I am greatly enjoying the books, which I know I wouldn't necessarily choose for myself. Also, the women are really nice and interesting. Sadly, I don't want to give up the book club to go to class. I know really mature! At this point, I am enjoying it. Why take something out that makes me happy?

So more happy/fun dilemmas.

The wonderful Lolly, or Mel, has me searching for a Blog Name. You need to read the post to understand, go ahead read it, while you are there, whish Lolly a happy blogoversary!

Ok, I need a new name. Lolly and I both agree that Flutter needs to be part of my name. Lolly thinks it should be my first name and I'm leaning towards it being my last name.

What do you think? And thoughts on what my new name should be?


Susan said...

I *wish* I could get rid of the glitter but I tried and it sticks. Unfortunately.

Samantha said...

I'm not certain of any names, good luck with that!

I've often thought about taking Spanish, it would be useful, but I too haven't felt like giving up my evening time.

Kir said...

WOW, you have so many fun exciting things going on in your brain right now, I'm jealous.
That dream position sounds utterly "perfect" for you. Good luck with all of it.
Truth be told, I wouldn't want to give anything as fun as the book club up to go to class (even if the class was pointing me to my dream job) either. So I hope it all works out.

good luck with that name, I am thinking Flutterbean or Sumflutter..that uses your new name and old too plus it points to the Reason you started this blog and to the new direction of it.


LJ said...

I'm bad on the name thing. But I wanted to just say how thankful I am that you have commented and supported me so much lately :)