Monday, August 28, 2006


Last week, I got angry.


It started with the insurance which got me thinking, which made me angry.

The insurance woman was the match. She was unsympathetic and uncaring. She simply wanted to make me stop asking questions and have me get off the phone. But, regardless I asked my questions, because I needed to know. She ultimately told me that my insurance could not help me.

Well, this made me think how UNFAIR this whole thing of infertility is. (I know, no shit Sherlock. Like I've said, sometimes it takes me a while to get there.) The insurance situation made me boil. I've read thru my coverage. It specifically mentions what it will and will not cover. However in the infertility section, they are vague. They don't come out and say they won't cover assisted reproductive services, they do say they will cover diagnostic testing. Now, since everything else is so straight forward and infertility is so vague, it makes me even more angry.

I'm starting to feel like a second class citizen. I'm infertile, but with a little help, I too can have a healthy baby. Then why is it, that my insurance will cover all pre-natal ultrasounds, but not one if I am undergoing IUI? Why does my insurance cover V*agra and not injectible drugs? Why does the insurance cover abortion, the pill, and the morning after pill. But not ONE thing to help me get pregnant.

My answer. The insurance plan and the laws are written by a 50-80 year old men who require V*agra to satisfy their wives and mistesses, who's wives didn't suffer infertility, and who's mistresses required contreceptives.

The more I learn about insurance, the more I learn that they will not do anything that is not cost effective unless it is required by law. I understand the implications of creating law. Ultimately, it can restrict people, put ART under more scrutiny, etc. But, it also can be the start of something. It can open the lines of communication and open the eyes of so many to the infertile. If there is a law requiring infertility treatment, well it would be a start.

So, I am going to put my anger to good use, I am writing letters to my Senators. Requesting their intervention in this matter. Do you think you would join me?


Turtle_Dove said...

Sweetie, if you write it I will put my name to it. I agree with you on this. FF or IF it doesn't matter on this one. We as women must support each other. I am here and I am supporting you.

Joei said...

Soooo agree with you! Where do I sign???? It is sooooo not fair, and yes, yes, LIFE ISN'T FAIR, but IF is more so unfair! GRRR to IF!!! GRRRRRR to it big time! This is why we need to beat it and have beautiful babies... then the universe will again be in balance! And GRRR again, IF!

Anonymous said...

Where do we sign. Something should be done to help us. Anything I can do to help get the ball rolling or keep it going tell me.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! Actually, I 'think' Resolve are trying....maybe we should contact our local Resolve offices and see what we can do to help? No point in reinventing the wheel if there's one already rolling!Maybe we can help it roll faster ;-)