Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This cycle, so far, has been an emotional whirlwind. (And not because of trying to conceive. But, because of life in general.)

Despite the car turmoil, I had a great weekend. My friend S, got us tickets to see the Dixie Chicks for our birthdays. They were fantastic! I loved their performance. And I belted "So Hard" when they sang it, for all of us infertiles. (My mouth dropped when Natalie said the word "infertility." WOW!) Two of them have faced it and achieved the unattainable baby, therefore there is hope.

Yesterday, I found out that I'm not responsible for the service or part for my car. And today, I found out that they are covering a rental! PHEW! WOO HOO!

Tomorrow, my husband and I start our mini vacation. First to NY, to see "Harry, Carrie, and Garp" a book reading with JK Rowling, Stephen King and John Irving. So, excited! And then a stop somewhere, not sure where yet, waiting to see what the mood strikes us :).

August, so far you are much better!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite John Irving books- "Setting Free the Bears". Enjoy your book reading!

Turtle_Dove said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend as well. Thank you for contributing to the start of mine (to be blogged about soon.....).

Have a great time with T. Enjoy your road trip, enjoy your time together, and most importantly - RELAX and HAVE FUN!!!