Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We’ve all heard it. “Just Relax.” Most of the time, those words can bring me to a screaming banshee state. However, with my new year’s resolution of finding peace, I’ve been forced to face relaxation which seems to go hand and hand. (Also, it does seem beneficial to do everything possible to increase our chances, and sometime the mass public is right.)

As I’ve grown to know myself, I know that relaxation does not come naturally. I must work on it!

Amazingly, after several months of doing something about it, I’m actually starting to feel relaxed! Imagine that me, a high strung person, can really relax. So much so that I can feel myself calming and being more in the present instead of waiting for what is next. You may be asking how?

Well it started with the therapist. I only go once a month now. As she put it, “Nothing is wrong with you. It is unfortunate that just because you can’t have a baby “naturally” you are forced to explain your want for a child. When, if you could just get pregnant like the majority of people by getting drunk, they would be asking why not? No wonder you need to get some things off your chest.” Now, those are words of a wise woman.

It was reinforced with the relaxation technique she taught me in November. It is a combination of imagery, concentration of breathing, and flexing-release movements. (She also suggested Self-Nurture by Ali Domar; the only reason that I know it is a combination of anything.) Originally directed to do it twice a day, I’ve only been able to do it once a day. The hope is to trigger a Pavlove’s Dog response. Think relaxation and be relaxed. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Lastly, I’ve thrown yoga into the mix. I love it. Could it be the early stages of an infatuation, but it could also be the long everlasting for real kind of love. It puts me in a “zen” place. As an added bonus it helps with my back pain!

So, it may not be how most people do it, but it works for me. Here is hoping it helps with the other thing too. Fingers crossed.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Sounds like you and I go to the same therapist. Glad to hear that relaxations is helping. This weekend I'm planning on loading some relaxation exercises on my Ipod and I hope they will help me find a good "zen" place. Good luck with everything

LJ said...

I've been trying to do the same thing. I've been reading Alice Domar's stuff and trying to get more yoga in. I'm way high-strung, or at least, I used to be. Calm is much nicer - though unexpected for me!

Serenity said...

Fingers crossed. The relaxation thing really helps you feel like you're reclaiming your life. I loved it, though I confess that now that we're on a TTC break I've also taken a break from my relaxation exercises. :)

I am glad that it seems to be working for you!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Domar helped me a lot (as did the infertility therapist). Her visualization techniques still get me through anxiety. I'm glad you're in this better spot.