Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Esperanza – Espoir – Hoffnung – Speranza – Esperança – Надежда - 希望


All of those words mean Hope in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

That word again. For me, it has so many connotations of good things, as well as, bad. Today, for me, it means something in the middle.

A few years back, I had worked with a man from the Dominican Republic. At the time, whenever I wore anything green, he would say “Esperenza, you remind me of Esperenza.” I asked him why once. And he told me his mother always told him that Green was the color of hope. It is the color of so many things in nature when they are beginning. Hope is life.

Well, in the last few months, I have had an inclination of buying material items in green (a sweater, two pairs of shoes, a purse, a lunch bag, etc.). And I wonder if it is because I am in a hopeful stage.

I wonder if it is indicative of me being hopeful.

There she is again. Please play nice. Thank you for the LH surge and please let the ovulation be patient considering T is out of town until tomorrow. Again, play nice.

No worries, cautious optimism is firmly in place, at least for this cycle, considering us conceiving "au natural" has to be less than 6% (since that is what our chances were with Clomid and sex).

With that said, it is nice to be able to play for free. A chance.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for you--fingers and toes are all crossed, and prayers said daily!

Kir said...

thank you for the kind words on my blog. Just wanted you to know I have all kinds of HOPE for you too.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I find myself wanting to buy something green now, too. Good luck this cycle. Sending you a virtual bouquet of shamrocks!