Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nota Bene - A Reminder

During my next two week wait, I will refer to this entry and remind myself that everything I am feeling is not indicative of pregnancy, instead it is my "normal" menstrual cycle.

  1. Breast changes approximately 7 days before.
  2. Cramps approximately 5 days before.
  3. Food cravings approximately 2 days before. (Usually for Italian food and chocolate.)
  4. Spotting approximately 1 day before.
  5. LP is approximately 16 to 20 days long.
  6. The cats always like me and prefer to lay on my stomach.
  7. Sense of smell is enhanced about 4 days before.
  8. Clomid makes me nauseous from ovulation to menses.

Hopefully, this will help in keeping my neurotic thoughts to a minimum. Well, a girl can try.


Anonymous said...

I also am "blessed" (cursed) with a long LP. So much fun... I am sure it is better than having a short LP but it just drags out the agony between BFN and AF's arrival.

Serenity said...

Ugh, that IS a long LP...

I'm laughing at your list... because I've often done that too.

Hope this time they actually indicate something beyond you're "normal" cycle! :)