Friday, July 06, 2007


Yes, my obsession is great with Harry. I love these books. LOVE them. As a distraction, I've been rereading books five and six in preparation for the last. So lets are my predictions.

Dumbledore will not be coming back. No matter, how much I wish he would. JKR clearly stated he would not be - I went to her book reading last summer in NY. However, I am afraid that the fact he was the secret keeper for Grimauld place could be a significant problem.

Dumbledore's brother, I think will become relevant.

Harry will win in the end thru LOVE. However I am not a 100% certain how it will play out or if he will end up using an unforgivable curse. However, aren't they in war? And wouldn't it be forgivable in that context?

I think there is a very good reason that the boy wizard has made friends with a Hippogrif, a Dragon, a Giant, a Centauran, flying motorbike, two way mirror, Dolby, etc. I think they will all come into play somehow.

RAB, I am not sure. Did they ever find his body? I think his significance ended with the hortecreux.

Aunt Petunia will divulge her link to the magical world, but she herself is not magical. And he link may lend itself to Lilly's eyes. Which I also think have some significance, more than Harry’s are in their likeness.

Lastly, I am not sure about Snape if he is good or bad. But that is the beauty of Snape, because he is both I suspect just like the rest of us.

Umbridge and Rita Skeeter will both return.

I think that Wormtail will help Harry in some way in the end. And that Voldemort can’t kill Harry because of his blood being part of his reincarnation.

Connection to Godric Gryffindor to Godric Hollow and to one of the Potters. All of the pure blood wizards – James – are somehow related to each other.

Potter was on the Black family tree, however Dumbledore was not. Could Dumbledore be related to Lily and Petunia? We don’t know Dumbledore’s lineage, could he be born of Muggles?

As you can probably tell, I love Potter. Please, do share your predictions....but once the book received, don't spoil it for me. Personally, I will be posting about it, but giving everyone fair warning.


PCOSMama said...

Alas, I have no predictions. I'm just not that clever! I do think some of yours are right though....

If you start posting about the book, I'm going to have to remember to stay away until I manage to read it. Not sure how long that will be. Will you at least let us know in the post title whether it's about the book or not? That way I can still keep updated on everything else, but avoid spoiling the book.

Virgie C said...

I haven't heard JKR's comments, so personally I have doubts about Dumbledore's death. Just before he died he told Draco that "death" can be the safest hiding place. I'm also unsure about Snape. If D isn't really dead, then Snape isn't really bad....but it seems more likely that D is dead and Snape is evil after all. Did we ever learn why D trusted Snape in the first place?

We know that more than one character will die. I'm expecting Neville to die valiantly, probably also one of the Big Three, though I'm hoping not. (Will Ron & Hermione finally kiss?)

I'm wondering what will happen with Hogwarts--will any of the Slitherin/Death Eater's kids return? If they do, will they change their ways or just cause havoc?

RAB has not been identified so will probably come into play as Harry looks for the horcruxes. Every book has been about secret identities, so his may be the central one next time.

I can't wait for the book to come. I will be sitting on my porch waiting for the box!

Kristi said...

I can't wait for the last book too. However my husband is going to read it first, and he claims he's going to read it in a single weekend. This means he will lord over me the fact that he knows what happens in the end!

I like your predictions, and I, too, hope Dumbledore isn't really dead.

Joei said...

I need to reread these books! I can't even make a prediction. I wonder if Snape is related to Harry in some way... probably not, though, right??? I've been watching the movies all day! :)

Nicole said...

I try not to make predictions. But, I don't like to figure out the gifts under a Xmas tree during the holidays either. I'm weird that way.

Looking forward to the final Potter as well.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

The whole concept of love has to come up, but maybe it's that Harry can't kill Voldemort when the time comes because he does feel too much love. Maybe it needs to be a crueler character who does the deed. Maybe Snape? Draco switches over to the right side?

Susan said...

That's one thing I haven't ever gotten into. I'm now just starting the DaVinci code again. LOL.

TeamWinks said...

I can't wait for the book to come out too!