Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Err...I think you misunderstood.

The feelings about being stagnate are how I feel in general about infertility. Not about this cycle. For some reason, hope is in the house for this cycle. Not full force hope. But hope that knocked politely, I let her in, and we are settling in with a nice cup of herbal tea. Enjoying eachother's company but not madly passionately in love.

With that said, I want to document how odd this cycle has been. When I was taking my G*nalf, I couldn't eat enough. And now, a few days after my IUIs, I am still bloated and SUPER tired. A little odd, since my bloating usually goes down after ovulation and my energy levels aren't usually effected until my period. And it slightly makes me giddy. When that giddiness becomes craziness, I remember that it is just my body playing games with my head. Much too early for anything to be happening. OBVIOUSLY.

And I would like to keep my feet grounded.

It is going to be a long 13 days. (My clinic only tests 15 DPI.)


Somewhat Ordinary said...

I don't want to fuel your giddyness, but that bloated tired feeling was exactly what I felt from the day of the IUI and on. I hope your not stagnant anymore!

PCOSMama said...

I always started testing 9dpIUI... once i got a negative (usually 9dpIUI) I knew I could test whenever I wanted & trust a positive. I got positives at home by 11dpo with both pregnancies. Not that I am encouraging obsessive testing! ;)

Hope your good feelings about this cycle are right!

stickybun07 said...

I'm glad that you're feeling reasonably hopeful this cycle. (though I don't blame you for not being passionately in love with her! That's what this journey does to us, I suppose.) I'll be thinking of you and hoping this 13 days flies by! Or as close to that as we can get. :-)

Ann said...

I know our bodies play tricks on us, but I always feel like something different is a good sign. It can't be a bad sign, right?