Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is this funny? **UPDATED**

Have you seen those commercials were people call in to a line, tell them a scenario, and ask "Is this funny?"

Well my friends, I am asking you.

This morning I go in for blood and ultrasound. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with my body. There are definite follies, but no idea on how many or what not. Didn't ask actually for more information because I figured the information from three days ago would be completely out of date.

But, my left side feels full. To the point that when I did a yoga move last night, ouch?

And T is working 36 hours straight starting today. He will not be near the clinic or home in the next 36 hours. He packed a bag and went to work today. I haven't been able to do the trigger shot on myself. And how is he going to drop off his deposit if the IUI is tomorrow?

So, if I have to trigger tonight. I am in deep doodoo.

To complicate matters, I am very close to the end of my medication.

So today, after my ultrasound and blood work, I asked these two questions.

1. Is it possible to extend a trigger by one day?


2. Should I order more G*nalf?

I did warn the nurse that they are bi-polar questions.

Is this funny? Asked with a smirk and a shake of my head.

What makes this even funnier, my E2 is at 126 and have no measurable follies (I have a bunch all under 12mm.) Why do I worry?


Anonymous said...

When you delay a trigger there is a possibility of the eggs becoming "too old" to work or fragmenting. I know because this just happened to me. We took a chance and had a failed IVF. (It was a reasonable chance, it just didn't work out.) So, check with your RE to decide that.



Samantha said...

Well, I guess that your scheduling problems have been solved for the moment. Is it funny? I don't know. It does seem to happen to me that after I've contorted myself to avoid a scheduling conflict it doesn't happen. Murphy's Law, I suppose.

PCOSMama said...

Sort of funny. But at least it seems it should all work out - if your follies are all under 12 you shouldn't be triggering for at least another day or two. By then the timing will be ok for you hubby (though he may not feel up to it after working 36 hours straight!), and if need be you can ask the clinic if there's a way someone can help you with your shot. Or go my one-time route and ask a neighbor to do it! Beats missing your trigger time...

Good luck!

CAM said...

Sounds to me like you won't trigger for a day or two. Somehow it will all work out...
Hope it all works out for the best!
Keep us posted!