Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adventures of the Crazy Pill - Part II

This morning my super duper expensive ovulation predictor told me it detected my LH surge, the pre-curser to ovulation. It is only cycle day 11. My eyes nearly popped out of my head because not only is it cycle day 11, but I NEVER have detected a surge earlier than cycle day 15 with or without drugs. So, I called the nurse when I got to my car and went on my merry way to work.

I was ½ mile away from work, when she returned my call and told me to come in for blood work before 9:30 am. It was 8:40 am, during rush hour traffic, and I was 22 miles away. So, I took the back roads, cut thru several towns, caught the highway at a less congested spot, and then speeded. I got to the REs office with 10 minutes to spare, before the courier took all the blood away to the lab!

The woman who took my blood, put a little Band-aid on my arm. It wasn’t enough. I have blood all over my right sleeve. I did stop at a grocery store for more Band-aids and a Tid* p*n. Turns out that those pens don't take out blood. Oh well. It only spreads it around and increases the stain.

Got back to work by 10:30 am!

It was crazy, and the craziest part. Blood indicated that I didn't experience an LH surge. The machine screwed up, even though it never had before.

Tomorrow’s plan, back to the RE for ultrasound and more blood.

FYI – on the weight loss – it is only temporary. At least has been in the past. I tend to loose some water weight at the beginning of the cycle while taking Clomid and then gain it all back plus some that I can’t get rid of no matter what I do. But for now, I will appreciate fitting comfortably into ALL of my clothing.

And my craziest thought during the last 10 days, my mother sounds like Bor*t, especially when she says "Very nice." So much so, that I couldn't not talk to her on Tuesday, fingernails on a chalk board.


Samantha said...

How annoying. I've never tried any ovulation predictors other than the sticks, it's too bad it misled you. I hope that you don't get a big bruise on your arm.

Anonymous said...

If you're surging, that means you'll ovulate in the next day or two. So I would think it's to be expected that the bloodwork indicated that you haven't ovulated yet. Good luck, and sorry to hear about the bruise...I hate those.

Unknown said...

Oh damn! And I just bought one of those fancy ovulation monitors!

Hopefully you'll get some clarity on what's going on when you go in tomorrow for your u/s.

hammygirl said...

How irritating! I hope they get it straightened out quickly!

Baby Blues said...

Could your get a refund on those things?

Anonymous said...

Naughty ovulating machine, very naughty! What a waste of of money too!

Susan said...

Damn pens!!

Kir said...

oh that OPK...I learned (after my first cycle on clomid when I called my office in a panic after looking at 3 +opks on day 11...I was taking clomid days 5-9 at the time) is that Clomid can give you + very gently she told me , yes your ovaries will hurt like you're Oing, yes the OPK may come back + but it's false...your body cannot O the day after your last pill...OH? DUH? (that is how I felt after getting off the phone) after that whenever I took clomid I went by the rule that you should O about 5 days after your last pill and lo and behold it happened like that every time.

course it doesn't help you after the morning you had. *hug* .

my mom's voice does the same to me sometimes, or my husbands or the dog's....hahha. Clomid makes me crazy and ill tempered.

GOOD LUCK with the rest of this clomid and let's get on with the IUI already...right?

Aurelia said...

Hormones make me totally nutty, but of course, you all know that, haha.

The blood thing happened to me once, and never again. Don't worry too much!