Friday, March 30, 2007

I give it -71/2! *UPDATE* Make that an 8, 61/2 and 6!

Drum role please……one 18mm follicle! Yeah, I have one, that large, and it is only cycle day 13!

The nurses have taken blood everyday since the false positive of Wednesday. And no word, as of yet, if I have surged. But, can tell you the I used an OPK last night, and where it gave me a faint line, it wasn’t a positive. I don’t think that the clinic has given up hope of me “naturally” surging and releasing the little eggy. But, they did put a script in for me for the HCG injection.

And I sit here excited, that it seems that our first IUI will be happening in the next few days. Also, wondering if our issue has been over matured eggs, because like I said before the earliest I’ve surged is on cycle day 15. The earliest on Clomid, cycle day 18. My first cycle, I surged on or about cycle day 30 something. So, the fact that I have an 18mm follicle on cycle day 13 – well I think that may be indicating something.

I sit here with some renewed hope. Wow, she came quickly.

If you ever wondered what those measurements for follicles meant, check this out. Did you know that they graded them? I give mine a 71/2! :)


Talked to the nurse. Turns out that there are three follicles - a 20mm (it grew!), a 13mm, and a 12mm. But, still no surge. Must go back to the REs office tomorrow. They have ordered the HCG shot for me. Must also pick up tomorrow from the pharmacist.

Err...I've never done that before. Any good sources on how to inject yourself?

Feeling a little nervous. A nervous excitement. Really hope that they come out naturally, but I seriously doubt it. My body likes the assistance of crazy drugs!


Anonymous said...

Excellent news! I'm still doing the pretzel for you--keep us updated!

M said...

Good news! Best of luck! :) I'm rooting for you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

Aurelia said...

Excellent news! And thanks for the link, the wiki guys have been working away, there wasn't much when I looked awhile back. It's nice to see so much change.

Kir said...

this is excellent news!!!

don't be nervous about the shot, the nurses will tell you how to prepare it. I normally iced myself for about 5 minutes and Mr Kir would give me the shot. It's over before you know it.


Anonymous said...

Good news about follies! As for the hcg shot, I get the local registered nurse to do it, cant help more there, sorry!

Good luck!

Baby Blues said...

Oooooh I'm so excited for you. Good luck on your first IUI! I'll be checking on you.

cherylliewrodwell said...

I'm so excited for you D. Good luck... xxx

Anonymous said...

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