Monday, March 26, 2007

Aggression - What aggression?

Well, T and I have decided to pursue selling the condo - we are meeting with the Realtor later in the week. (Need to finalize that appointment.)

My first order of business is to clean the condo - again - very thoroughly. At one point I thought of hiring someone to do it. Considering I ALWAYS hurt my back and my allergies are very bad after which kicks my asthma into high gear. But, after feeling a bit itchy in my skin, I think the answer is to pour myself into the cleaning.

Sadly, I am almost done with the last baby blanket and I still don't know of the 6th, 2007 baby. And I don't know why this bugs me - but when I say this - all of the babies in the last two years have come in threes. And I want to know the sixth - because we have five! And my crazy infertile mind helps me make the calculations that would make us the sixth.

Lastly, I've lost five pounds while on the Clomid. The night sweats have been a killer this time around. Maybe it is REALLY working. Ultrasound is on Thursday, and I've started to POAS for the fancy ovulating monitor. Time will tell.


Nicole said...

So sorry I have been absent for awhile in the comments area. I am just simply numb and mute lately. Thank you so much for all your well wishes and comments to me too by the way.

I am holding out hope that you will be #6.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Hope monitoring goes well on Thursday. And I'm hoping #6 is yours too :-)

Aurelia said...

Holy, clomid makes you LOSE weight? Okay you lucky are so going to get big and fat and pregnant now.

LJ said...

Ooh, a new toy! That's always fun!

Thanks for the comments today, by the way, they meant a lot to me :)

Unknown said...

I know Clomid makes you crazy, but losing 5 pounds is a nice little bonus! Good luck with the u/s on Thursday...and I'm hoping you'll be #6 this year.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Diane! and well done for losing weight while on ART meds :)