Thursday, September 20, 2007

But I poo'd. ** AMENDED **

So, yes I am obsessing. It is 8DPI.

Yesterday, I was drop dead tired. I woke up today, drop dead tired. Now, before you say "But, that is a good sign!" I get like that before AF or Wicked Witch shows.

And today, I am not constipated. If anything my bowels are like pre AF. Boo.

But is only 8DPI.

Also, I'm not bloated nor have I gained an abnormal amount of weight this cycle (only 1 lb.).

The cramps have also subsided and are non-existent. Could be a good sign? But they usually kick in before my period - a day or two before. Not expecting the ol' hag until Sunday or Monday. If it does show, my luteal phase is screwed up royally!

Did I tell you that I've been breaking out, bad! Since the end of our last cycle. And now my break out seems to be healing? It could be the cleanser changes and new make-up. But it is clearing up, right when my acne gets worse.

So, the only sensations is being tired and acne clearing up.

Err...I want to sleep until Monday when I can pee on a stick. Which I need to buy! Craziness. Serious Craziness.

**I forgot more crazy dreams, this time involving a Gorilla. And extreme thirst at night. Kept on waking up for more water. Could explain dead tired?


Kristen said...

Hmmm, sounds very promising, I must say. I have all my crossables crossed for POAS Day!

PCOSMama said...

It does sound promising...

Just for the record, constipation is not a pregnancy symptom I've ever had. So you're 'in the clear' on that one. heehee

You can test a little early if you want.... I got positives at 10dpo/iui with both of mine. I always say testing early is fine as long as you keep in mind that a negative is not necessarily a real negative, whereas a positive could very well prove to be real. Just make sure you're using an early detection test....

Susan said...

Stay sane, no matter what!