Monday, September 17, 2007

It is all in my head.

So, I've been having odd sensations.

Cramps, like pre-AF, but a lot less intense. Also, several cramps on my left side which actually take my breath away for a few seconds. Very similar to a stitch when you run. And these are new sensations to add to my previous ones of nausea (in the second part of the 2ww), constipation, and bloating. (Luckily, none of those have kicked in as of yet.)

What I questioned is if I felt cramps before? Only one other time, it was my most hopeful cycle in January, that ended with the worst period ever. for thought.

On to other bits of my craziness, an odd dream:

I'm at the dentist office. He looks in my mouth and realizes that I've had three teeth pulled.

He says, "I thought you were going to replace these."

I say, "I thought they were replaced."

He says, "No not yet, let me replace them now. They will be similar, but not the same."

I wake up, confused. The only interpertation of teeth I can come up with is death. Frankly, there has been more than enough death lately with Bobby and my Grandfather. But, I am not sure of the third.

Also, (it could be my hopeful side) that "replacements" mean new family members. Looking further, if I analyze this more so. There have been three great-grandchildren born (the three I thought replaced). But, there are three to come.

If only it were that simple.

Maybe my sub-conscious is telling me that it was successful. Could this be a sign? Maybe my head is playing games? It is probably the latter.

Unfortunately, unless I am pregnant that will be my theory until proven wrong. G-d I really hope I'm wrong.

Any thoughts on what my crazy dream means?


Hope said...

Hang in there during the wait! I have been having some bizarre dreams myself, although I am ashamed to admit, they have mostly been about sex?? Don't know what the heck that means! When do you go for you beta? You mentioned your dh's count was not great this time, do you mind sharing?

Anonymous said...

"similar but not the same" = fraternal triplets!?!

Wordgirl said...

How funny -- I just wrote about dreams today too! I've heard that teeth have to do with change -- like how you loose your baby teeth and move on into adulthood...perhaps your subconscious is readying you for a big addition to your life!

Samantha said...

I've been having cramps during my tww wait also. I have no idea if they're good or bad. I also have dreams about losing my teeth with some frequency. I've heard that it's a fear of death thing. However, I've never had a dream where my teeth were replaced. Maybe it is a sign of new life!

PCOSMama said...

I can't really recall which dreams I ad during the 2ww.... I always had crazy dreams on the Gonal-F. I don't know anything about teeth dreams, but it does sound like a possible reference to a new arrival(s). I sure hope so!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

No thoughts on the actual meaning. But having a dream like that would make me think about my teeth all day. Those types of dreams are so vivid and stick with you all day.

Susan said...

I agree..replacing teeth can be a good sign...