Monday, October 01, 2007

A day late, a dollar short :)

So, I'm a little late about my happiness challenge. But since I picked an easy one. Well, I did it faithfully. If anything in the last week, I've increased it.

My challenge was to drink a cup of coffee everyday. It is something I've done for the last year. But it is something that makes me happy. I go between making my own to buying. From enjoying iced to hot. The only thing that is the same is that it is caffeinated.

How does it make me feel? Well, while going thru infertility treatments, it helped make me feel grounded. Like a normal person. It was the one thing that I refused to give up. After trying. It brought me back. To memories where coffee was not restricted. To memories of coffee and conversation. To memories of family gatherings.

Unfortunately, it also brought me to the moms and dads of the day. Especially when it was right after an IUI. When all the soccer moms and dads would be there. But, that was two days. Really, it only brought the elephant into the room. The Infertiity elephant. Those days, well, I wish I had made it at home.

Otherwise, I took my time in sipping. Enjoying the solitude, the aroma, the taste, the total experience. And on this Saturday, I enjoyed two cups in front of a homemaker over show and introduction to a leisurely weekend.

Next month, meditation. Now, this is something that I've tried before and failed. Goodness. This one will be rough. But, not all good things are easy.

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Samantha said...

You did a better job with challenge #1 than I did!