Sunday, February 04, 2007

On the ledge again - TMI **UPDATED**

Pink on the TP. It is CD30 - 10 DPO. Much to early for my period. Need I say more?

I don't like the ledge, I'm afraid of heights. And the drop, hurts.


Still on the ledge. Err...feeling rather obsessive, slightly going mad.

Basically, my LP is usually about 16 to 20 days long. It is only 11 DPO. And not to mention but I don't usually spot longer than a day. Yesterday, well it was non-existent and today too. And no serious cramps which ALWAYS proceed AF by several days.

Very, very, very, very hopeful. And I don't want to be. UGH!

So, if AF doesn't show before this weekend, I will be peeing on a stick on Saturday. Although, I just hate spending the money. Especially since it could very well be all for not because my periods could last about 118 days.

Although peeing on a stick before is not a wise idea if it is a BFN. Should wash the bathroom floor, so that it is at least clean when I lay on it when I see the BFN. Because the fall is going to hurt.


LJ said...

Good luck! I'm thinking of you sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Well..that sounds encouraging.

So as the pee stick queen I have to ask...are you going to cave and see if you get double lines???

Serenity said...

Hang in there, hon. *HUG*