Friday, July 28, 2006

Bad Luck or Negligence?

Well, the last few days have been exacerbated by what some would call bad luck and others negligence. I'm unsure as to how I completely feel at this point. Has anyone ever felt that their Karma is better when off the Clomid, than on it. I'm starting to feel that way. Let me explain.

Last month, on or about June 27th, I was on the Clomid and also I was preparing for the HSG which required me taking the antibiotic. Well, the first day I took the antibiotic, I vomited. Yes, it was within the half hour of taking the darn pill, and it made me sick. I felt better, finished getting ready, and went to my car to find an almost "flat" tire.

This started the car adventure.

I immediately scheduled an appointment with the dealership/mechanic for the following Friday, June 30th. While I was there, I got four new tires, an inspection sticker and an oil change. Ultimately, it was a horrible experience. The service took FOUR hours and was a small fortune which I expected. And, ultimately, they DAMAGED my automatic car starter.

This is where the fun really starts. So, T noticed the day after that the starter wasn't working. A few days later, I called the dealership. (If you remember I was on a mini-vacation and my Sister was admitted into the hospital for an appendicitis. Needless to say I was a little preoccupied.)

I called the dealership. They told me that there is a toggle switch which needs to be flipped. Once this is done, it'll be all "fixed." Well, my car doesn't have a toggle switch. It has two buttons, but no switch.

On Monday, I call the dealership to request an appointment to get this "mistake" to be "fixed." I was told to come in between 9AM and 4 PM. (I don't know about you, but that is usually when I'm working.) So, I say "The last time I was there for FOUR hours. I'm obviously going to be coming on my lunch hour. Can you please tell me of a good time to come in, where my appointment will be on time?" He says, "Sure, how about Tuesday at noon."

I go in on Tuesday at noon. I get there at exactly noon. I wait fifteen minutes to get into the garage. Ten minutes after I am actually get in the garage they talk to me.

I tell the Service Manager, "I am angry. I was not thrilled with my last service here. While here, someone from your dealership, did something to my automatic car starter. I do not believe I need to pay for this service, because it was your fault. Also, I am on my lunch hour. Despite the fact, that I always make appointments, you seem to honor your walk in service customers much better. I had 12 o'clock appointment and yet, I'm being seen at 12:25. I'm on my lunch hour. If you want to continue to be paid, I need to work."

The Service Manager, Mike, starts to fiddle with my car. Now at the time, I didn't think this was a good idea. Actually, hind site is telling me, I should of told him to back away from the car. He is specifically working in the fuse box near my wheel. This is also where there are two buttons which control my alarm.

Ultimately, he seemed to "fix" the automatic car starter.

But, would I be writing if it weren't more to the story?

Yesterday, I go to my car. My first day back on the Clomid. Make a stop at the post office. Get back into my car and I drive to work. While going to work, I notice the check engine light. Now, I know this is never good. But, when I got to work, I pulled out the owner's manual and confirmed that it was the check engine light. So, I called the dealership. Made an appointment for Saturday at 10:45 am. (Well, if anyone from the dealership is reading, you can cancel that appointment.)

It is the afternoon, after a VERY long day where I fell. (Yah, not a little fall where you catch yourself. A total fall on my left side, buttocks and lower back. Not good and continue to feel a little bit more pain as time goes on.) I start my car. The motor turns, but something is wrong, I can't move the shift. Nothing. So, I continue to look for clues, and I notice that the AC, radio, display, directionals, lights, windows, and everything else that is electric is not working.

I call my husband to see if he has any idea of what I should do. He thinks it is a fuse.

He gets there after I spend an hour messing with the thing. I can't figure it out. The fuses look fine to me. When he gets there, he messes with it for another half hour, when he gives up. He is able to do something with the shift so that I could drive it. Driving a car with no directionals and closed windows, is terrifying. He follows me to prevent a car accident.

We get to the dealership and after about an hour, we are told that the electrical system has shorted out. And the part, this is the best part, is $1,845! Just for the part, they still need to do more research to see what else was damaged and it will be more expensive trust me.

So, my immediate reaction as CRAZY Flutter was to yell. He said the price, and immediately I said, "I WANT TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER!" My husband was playing good cop and I think I was the bad cop. I like that assessment of the situation better, after all the other assessment that I have was that I was the CRAZY B*TCH and he was the reasonable man!

Today, leaves me questioning, bad luck or negligence? Maybe a little bit of both. God help them if they call me.


Turtle_Dove said...

This just seems all too random if you ask me.... Hard to believe that these things just "happened" on their own only after you gave the service tech an ear full...???

Glad that T. was there to escort you safely home. I would have been pretty nervous myself.

Joei said...

How crazy!!! I don't think you should have to pay... you could call the customer service line of your car... They DO NOT like to hear bad things... Maybe they'll give you a brand new car! haha!!
It's not the clomid, honey!! I PROMISE!!

Anonymous said...

That dealership should pay for the damage. I would fight tooth and nail. I took my car in to have the A/C fixed not to long ago and now the Heater is broken too, needless to say I am taking it to someone else. Why is it so hard to finda reliable mechanic nowadays.