Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Progesterone Result

The number, well it isn't exact, but I was happy with the inexact number I was given.

"Twenty something, you definitely ovulated."


And the number is high for 9 DPO which allows me and T to hope. (Sigh of relief.)

Now, must wait for Monday for blood test. (The RE said Monday, even if the nurse said Wednesday. I like Monday better.)

Who knows, a HPT maybe in my future? If only I could quit POAS. :) I think it would be better for my mental stability.


Joei said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad you ovulated! I'm glad your level is high!! I'm sooooo hoping this is your month!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a good level! My RE doesn't give the exact number if it's over 20, either. Wouldn't it be great if the progesterone check signalled a BFP to come? My RE nurse always calls to give the result and sounds all excited, so I get excited, but then she cautions me that it's not indicative of pregnancy. *sigh* Good luck!

Unknown said...

Yay! Let's hope that slightly high turns into SUPER high...and a BFP! Fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed!

Anonymous said...

yay, for the progesterone level!!!! I'm so glad you respond well to the clomid!!! Hope you caught that eggie!!!!!