Monday, July 17, 2006


Well, the RE appointment was this morning. She spent an hour reviewing all of my tests, and kept me in the waiting room while she did so. When she came to get me from the waiting room, she had made her medical mind up, and only spent 10 minutes explaining her findings.

I have. Drum roll, please. I have an "indication of PCOS because of my high testosterone." But, I don't have any of the other symptoms and all of my other tests came back normal.

OK, so not as cut and dry as I hoped. Like you definitely have PCOS. But, relief that I don't have any tumors. Actually, she was the one who said it. (For this reason, I really like my RE becuase she goes along with my crazy thoughts before I say them out loud.)

There is nothing to fix my testosterone imbalance. It is the way I was made. GO NATURE, please note, sarcasm has been added.

The plan for the next six months is the following. Three months of Clomid at 100 mg and good old fashioned s*x. If this doesn't work, I move onto Clomid or injectibles for three months with IUI. If this doesn't work, we reevalutate.

My homework is to look into supplemental fertility insurance to cover IUIs. She likes to give me homework.

Also, she checked my progesterone. The results should be here tomorrow. If they are low or non-existent, that means negative on the pregnancy this cycle, but that the Wicked Witch will be coming. If high, I should keep my fingers crossed. Hoping for the second :).

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