Monday, July 24, 2006

Trying to be grateful

Things to be grateful for:
  1. T
  2. Family (My kitties are included here.)
  3. Friends
  4. Testosterone is my only obstacle.
  5. The Wicked Witch didn't make me wait as she has in the past. (Cycle 13 was only 34 days long.)
  6. Finding the right dosage of clomid.
  7. Another detected ovulation, I pray.
  8. Having enough cash for the clomid, ovulation predictors, and fertility monitor sticks.
  9. Being able to take allergy medicine.
  10. Being able to have a drink.
OK, I am stretching, I know. But, I am trying to tell myself that I have loads of things to be grateful for. Since I'm still a little sad. Trying to remember good things.

Despite the mild cramps, the Wicked Witch does allow me to indulge in my allergy medicine, flavored water, and occasional drink. (Just a few things that I abstain from while in the two week wait and occasionally, when I'm on the clomid.)

Another round. God Grant me the Serenity...


Anonymous said...

I like this post - A LOT. This is something you should do everyday. We should all do it everyday.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, your post just brought back something I had totally forgotten about. When I was a senior in college I use to do a gratitude journal. Each day I wrote at least 5 things I was grateful for. They were a stretch sometimes like you said, but I always had something and it was a great pick me up. I totally forgot I use to do that and I'm going to look for it when I get home tonight. Maybe I'll start another one!

Thanks for jogging my memory!

Joei said...

I'm proud of you for looking at the bright side! I know it is so incredibly hard! :) I'm still praying August will be your month... and mine!! We could have little Taurus babies which would create a lot of havoc on our Gemini world... ;)