Monday, July 10, 2006

CD 22, DPO 2

Not feeling completely obsessive yet. Yes, this is a small accomplishment. But, it should be noted.

Feeling very content that we have a chance this cycle. An opportunity that it could happen. Yes, this makes me feel happy.

T is exhausted, if I am to be truthful, so am I. A marathon is work, despite how pleasing it is!

Also talked to the nurse at the RE's office about the weekend surge, turns out that I could have just called and come in on Sunday and Monday for the IUIs. But, she agreed that since we haven't had our review of our exams it may be more productive to wait. (After all it will be coming out of our pocket.) I asked if I needed a progesterone test to determine if my fertility machine and ovulation predictor were correct. (Yes, I realize how obsessive that sounds.) She said that it would be a good thing to ask the RE, with my history, at my appointment. Also, if the Wicked Witch doesn't show by the 25th, I am to call for a pregnancy test on the 26th. Little does she now, that if the Wicked Witch showed that soon, cycle day 38, I would have a minor heart attack!

So, I must wait seven days, Monday to get my medical diagnosis. And, 16 days for the all important pregnancy test.

The wait is the killer. Oh boy, what will I do with my time. The same thing I always do. No worries, I will fill you in soon. :)

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