Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My friends are blessings.

"Some People come into our lives and quickly go.
Some People stay awhile and we are never the same."

My friends are the latter. I will never be the same with them in my lives, for this I am grateful.

I have two groups of friends. My Real friends and my Vent friends.

(Please note that the names I have come up with are no reflection of anything, except my inability to be more creative. Real, only because I will see my real friends in real life. My Vent friends are in the cyber world, more than likely, I will never meet them in person. Doesn't mean they are any less my friends.)

My Real friends, I have known forever, a minimum of twelve years. They know me inside and out. They listen, they try to help, and they know where I am coming from. During my trying to conceive saga, they have done all these things, but something was missing. This was no reflection of them, it was me.

In January of this year, in desperation, I found my Vent friends. These are women all experiencing the trying to conceive saga. Some for as long as I, some for longer, some have completed many more procedures than I, and some have gone through less. But, they all are going/have been through the same thing. They listen, sometimes have advice, other times, they send there cyber hugs and words of encouragement.

I realized today, that God has blessed me with both of my groups of friends. They both help me daily. They listen, encourage, push me on, and for all of that, I am grateful.

For both groups, I feel: joyous for their victories, sad for their disappointments, devastated for life's unfairness, and ecstatic for life's blessings.

Why is that I must separate the two?

For my Real friends, I pray that they never experience infertility. They are able to get pregnant if and when they want to, that they experience a healthy pregnancy, birth, and child.

For my Vent friends, I pray that we are blessed to experience mother hood through a healthy pregnancy, birth and child, soon.

This is why I must separate my blessings, I need different blessings for them.

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