Monday, June 26, 2006


I like clothing. For the most part, I enjoy buying clothing. To be completely honest, I love shopping for shoes and purses more. But, that is a story for another day. Lately, I have found that I don’t buy clothing for events when I see the great outfit, I procrastinate. Why you ask?

Well, let me attempt to explain.

For example, two weekends ago, I went shopping. I entered a store and I saw five dresses that I loved. I need a dress for my friend’s wedding in September, so it would make sense to try some on, especially because when I start looking for one in August, they won’t have any. Nope, I refuse too.

You ask why?

I’m crazy. I refuse to purchase clothing three months ahead of anything, because I may get pregnant. OFCOURSE!

Yes, this is sad. But, it is also funny. If you think how crazy I am, you’ll laugh too!

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