Monday, June 26, 2006

My Morning

This morning got up, feeling fine. I take the antibiotic. Start to get ready for the day. Brush my teeth and start to gag. OK, not good. So, I eat some crackers to try and settle my stomach. I get in the shower. Get out, the stomach is not feeling right. So, I go back into the kitchen, because I remember we have gingerale. I don't even get to the gingerale, before I gag again. This time, I couldn't stop myself. Vomited, luckily I did make it to the toilet.

After that I felt better and finished getting ready. Called the doctor's office to find out what I needed to do. The nurse called me back , basically told me to take it on a full stomach, not a small meal such as directions.

Got to the car and noticed that my right front tire was only half full with air. Took it to the mechanic up the street. He looked at all 4 of my tires and told me that they were bald. Also, he took the right front tire off and checked it for leaks etc. He couldn't find anything wrong. Filled it with air and sent me on my way.

Called the dealer since my car isn't even 3 years old and only has 38K miles. Turns out that the tires/warranty are only 40K mile tires. So, simply put, I am out of luck.

FYI, my afternoon is much better.

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