Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Mother

Let me start by saying, SHE CRACKS ME UP.

The latest conversation:

Me: "Yay, T.'s Mom wants to get together next weekend, but I'll be on the crazy pill (Clomid) at a higher dosage and I'm not sure how I'll be. I think we will have you all over some time in July."

Mom: "OK, so maybe I won't call you this weekend. Why are you taking that stuff?"

Me: Shaking my head, I have no patience, but at least I am in an EXCELLENT mood. After all I am taking the BULL BY THE HORNS. "I was on it last month and you had no idea. The only issue that I had was that I couldn't remember anything for about two weeks. Besides, you don't want grandchildren?"

Mom: "Make sure that you write things down. I'll be fine without them."

Me: Laugh out loud. "I do write things down. You know that a few months ago you told me that I would be a failure as a daughter if I didn't give you grandchildren, right? You do remember this conversation."

Mom: "I didn't say that, I wouldn't say that."

Me: Laugh harder. "Yeah, you did." Laugh harder. "No worries, I luckly don't take you seriously." I also think to myself that I KNOW that you are slightly off your rocker.

Perty much the end of the conversation. My Mom, I love her. I know that she loves me, but she is the QUEEN of the insensitive statement. SHE CRACKS ME UP! On most days, the others she can bring me to tears or make me so angry that T tells me to hang up the phone. But, most of the time, I can laugh at her.

The funniest part is, that she did say it. I remember it exactly. I was trying to talk to her about things in November, while ironning clothing. Trying to have a supportive conversation, and I got that response. Literally hung up the phone on her and called my sister. We both agreed, SHE IS NUTS! Then we started to laugh, while I cried and laughed, uncontrollably.

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