Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This is another the spirit of Father's Day.

On June 5th, after approximately 21 months of trying to conceive and only 11 cycles, my husband and I went to visit a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). We are finally "taking the bull by the horns."

The doctor was 45 minutes late. My husband was about ready to hurt someone. Patience is not a virtue that he has, but I cut him off and placate the wait. Keep in mind that this is the ONLY RE in our insurance network. Another story for another day.

We enter her office. She looks over my charts and comes up with a plan. Most of the tests are for me. Only one my husband to do. He of course is freaking out about this test. (But I warned him a long time before and he has come to the conclusion that he has no choice in that matter.) I'm told that I will have to go a barrage of blood work, a HSG, Clomid Challenge Test, etc. Instead of being put off by all the testing, I'm excited to start the testing! BRING IT ON!

Yes, I am sick.

Then she says, "All of these tests must start on certain days of your cycle. You need to call me at cycle day 1 or call me on Monday. If it doesn't seem like you will be getting your period on your own, I will induce it."

That day, they checked my progesterone, to determine where I was in my cycle, if I ovulated etc. It was at 2. Right in the middle. Higher than four means that you ovulated, lower means that you are getting your period. Mind you I on cycle day 31.

I call on Monday, June 12th. I still don't have my period. No worries, this is completely usual for me, hence the RE. I'm told to come back in for more blood work.

I go yesterday. Turns out that my progesterone is now at 23, on cycle day 38. This means I ovulated last week. Yah, my body has a sense of humor. So now, since I did ovulate, I have to wait patiently for my period. Yes, this is causing issues because I want it NOW. I'm ready to take the bull by the horns!

*Keep in mind that I've seen this actually done in a bull fight, it doesn't seem to be a smart thing to do. But just like the matador, I must do it!

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